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About us


TryShy started in 2016 as a "regular" home salon with curly customers, among other things.

Owner Trisha has always had trouble with her sometimes curly and sometimes wavy hair. She always felt that it didn't fit her into the "European" category, but certainly not the. category "afro hair" fell. There was no salon that knew what to do with her curls. This is why she did a lot of research herself and found the right methods that work for her hair.

In the first month after starting TryShy, she soon noticed that almost everyone with curls ran into the same thing. It was great for her to be able to share her passion and knowledge for curls with others.

In summer 2016 Trisha turned her passion into her work and TryShy only continued with curly / afro / wavy hair.
This has been a great success with an agenda that has been fully booked months in advance.

After a year, it was finally time for TryShy to expand. We got extra team members!
This is where the "TryShy Cut" came to life. A cutting technique based on years of experience and research into curly hair.

All our team members are trained to become fully-fledged TryShy hairdressers with the necessary knowledge and experience.

Put your curls (and trust) in our hands and get a great haircut and all the ins & outs about your hair.

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