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Bring your 'fro and curls back to life with our Curls & Coils package. 

This package is especially designed for curl types 3c - 4c. 

This packages contains: 

Moisture Mask - Our crowns need all the moisture they can get. Use a royal amount of the Moisture Mask to nourish every strand of hair. For the best result: use the Moisture Mask weekly. 

Get your Strength - Let's keep our hair strong and shiny! The best way to maintain strong and healthy hair is a good protein treatment. Let our Get your Strength give you the beautiful, strong hair, you've always desired. For the best result: use the Get your strength once a month for 5 - 15 minutes. 

Water My Curls - Dry, dull hair? Not anymore! Our Water My Curls maintains every bit of moisture your hair needs, without making the hair greasy. Use the Water My Curls every time after washing your hair. Rake from ends to roots. 

Styling Creme - Does your hair looks good when wet, but becomes frizzy when dry? The Styling Creme will make your hair routine so much easier! After using the Water My Curls, rake a royal amount of the Styling Creme in the hair and let it dry naturally. 


4-step Curls and Coils Method

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